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Team coaching

Why could you need team coaching ?

  • When team performance needs to be improved. In business like in sports, a team should be more than the sum of each individual’s talents. Being successful as a team is not a luxury but a condition for success.
  • When trust needs to be established or strenghtened amongst team members
  • When a team is multicultural : eg different nationalities, or after a merger or an acquisition.
  • When the team needs the interaction with a third party, who can help reflect on how to improve performance.

Team coaching : our offer

  • Tailor-made support for your teams to help them improve their collective performante: getting to know each other better, building trust, getting everyone to align with a common vision, improving operational procedures, accelerating culture change
  • Team coaching offers dedicated time for reflection, outside of day-to-day operational issues, to strengthen cooperation between its members and to accelerage collective change.
  • A typical mission lasts from 6 months to 1 year, with an initial kickoff session and several follow-up and closure workshops. Shorter programs are possible depending on the objectives
  • The sessions take place face-to-face, with a remote complement via web-conference if needed.
  • Our coaches can facilitate the sessions in French or in English.

Key steps in a team coaching

  • Briefing : understand context and what is at stake, propose a team of coaches and a methodology
  • Individual interviews: deepen understanding, propose to team leader team coaching objectives and indicators
  • Kickoff workshop: align team on objectives, raise awareness, find new perspectives, draw first action plans
  • Final session: assessment vs initial coaching objectives

The tools we use in a team coaching

  • 360° profile of the team (Leadership Circle, LEA model of MRG)
  • MBTI team profile
  • Process Communication Inventory for the team
  • Appreciative Inquiry (leveraging what works to unleash energy on a project)
  • Delegated roles
  • Tools of systemic approach, NLP, positive psychology
  • Articles and videos sent by the coach to further exmplore a topic between 2 sessions

Examples of situations where team coaching can be of huge help:

  • Newly formed team (new leader, reorganisation, merger or acquisition)
  • When rapid culture change is needed
  • When trust needs to be strengthened
  • When vision and mission need to be clarified

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