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  • Leaders don’t create
    followers, they create
    more leaders.
    Tom Peters
  • Those who dare to fail
    miserably can achieve
    John F. Kennedy
  • If your actions inspire others to dream more,
    learn more, do more and become more,
    you are a leader.
    John Q Adams

International executive coaching and leadership development consultancy

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Organizations are undergoing profound and extraordinarily rapid changes: business models turned upside down by the digital revolution, arrival of new generations with higher expectations of meaning and autonomy, accelerated pace of innovation.

With unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty, leadership and managerial practices need to be reinvented. Agility, boldness, resilience, emotional intelligence: these are qualities which were considered 'nice to have' a few years ago and are now required for many aspiring leaders.

Our mission :
We help current and future leaders of multinational companies to reinvent themselves: with our support, they discover how to leverage their unique talents, how to develop their own leadership style and become the best version of themselves, how to inspire, empower and grow their teams.  

Our clients :
Our clients are mostly leaders and managers of international companies in Europe; they work in a complex, multi-cultural, fast-changing environment. They face high-stake situations and need to get visible results fast.  Our clients list


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OUR offer

Executive coaching 

Powerful 1-to-1 action oriented conversations for lasting results 

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Team coaching 

Deep, engaging team discussions designed to step change collective performance.

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"Lunch & Learn" workshops

Short (2-hour to 1/2 day) group coaching workshops

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Leadership development programmes 

Custom-made programs mixing in-person workshops, e-learning and coaching

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Our points of difference


Several bids won thanks to «out of the box» approaches


Lean, client centered and highly reactive team


Business minded,
action and results


Energy boosters
to help you dare

lasting results

Targetting true
lasting change
in behaviours