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Individual executive coaching 

In which cases should you consider individual coaching ?

  • With an executive who deals with a new situation with high stakes (eg new position) or a significant change.
  • When a fresh and unbiaised perspective is needed to help the coachee find new resources to unleash his full potential.
  • When a step change in behaviour is needed. The coach will help the coachee devise an action plan and follow up.

Individual executive coaching: our offer

  • We offer a tailor-made support for your managers and executives to help them accelerate their development around specific objectives.
  • A true "sparring partner", the coach allows the manager to create a safe space of reflection and creativity. He helps them to better identify their talents, to develop new perspectives and to experiment new options of actions for sustainable change.
  • A typical mission lasts 6 to 8 months with approximately 10 sessions of 90mn each, every 2 to 3 weeks. Shorter and more targeted coachings are sometimes possible, depending on the objectives.
  • The sessions take place either face-to-face or by Skype, in French or in English.

Key steps in an individual executive coaching :


  • Briefing : understand context and what is at stake, propose 1 or 2 coachs.
  • 1st session: understand what coaching is, define objectives, choose the right coach.
  • Coaching 3-way kickoff: align coaching objectives and indicators between coach, coachee and his manager.
  • Coaching sessions: reflect, discover new insights, experiment new behaviours.
  • Coaching final meeting: assessment vs initial objectives and indicators.

Which tools do we use in an executive coaching?

  • Depending on the objectives and the context, we may propose the following tools:
    • 360° profile (company's own 360°, Leadership Circle, LEA model from MRG)
    • MBTI personality tool
    • DISC profile
    • Process Communication Inventory
    • Tools of systemic approach, NLP, positive psychology
    • Articles and videos sent by the coach to further explore a topic between 2 sessions

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