Individual coaching

Leverage individual coaching to reveal all leadership potential.

  •  Dare to become the best version of oneself.
  •  Gain awareness on one’s strengths and work deliberately to amplify them.
  • Define own purpose and internal motivators.
  • When the leader has to “climb a step” in a new role, a context with high stakes and fast changes needed.
  • When a fresh and unbiased perspective is needed.
  • When a step change in behaviour is needed.
  • Tailor-made 1 to 1 sessions with clear objectives and indicators in mind.
  • A typical coaching assignment lasts 6 to 8 months with 10 1,5-hour sessions every 2 to 3 weeks.

Sessions can be held in-person or online, in English or in French.

Individual coaching testimonials

  • John Wasonga, R&D Operations Director @ Reckitt

    We have worked with Monique in numerous occasions over the last six years. I have had her facilitate various development workshops on different topics for my team. We have previously engaged her services as a leadership development coach for some members of my team. I am currently working with her as my leadership development coach. Her uplifting and positive personality make her easy to open up to and delightful to work with. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a compassionate mentor, and the strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to strive to have a career life that is congruent with my values and passions. If I could identify a single phrase to describe my experience with Monique, my mind and heart inevitably summarizes that she “has worked in the shoes”. She is very knowledgeable about the international business environment and you are sure to get real outcomes that you can apply in your day-to-day work life. It’s not just talking through issues, but ideas and routines to put in place that propel you forward and her follow through is remarkable. Monique is an incredibly talented, well-read natural coach and her value-centred thought-provoking guidance has challenged me to think beyond just “doing well and developing my team and myself within the confines of the prevailing organizational norms” to focusing more on impact and being bold doing my part to shift the norms in a way that capitalizes on my passion and strengths. I continue to look forward to the sessions with her as I continue to develop my career.  
  • Caroline Grenthe, Marketing Director @ General Mills

    Monique was my coach when I was Marketing Director at General Mills for Häagen-Dazs. She has been instrumental in the taking-up of my new position. Thanks to her previous successful career and her great experience, she is the best to listen and to understand your concerns and to turn them into opportunities. What I have enjoyed the most is her very balanced approach between thinking and doing. She gives concrete tools and objectives to help you progress in your journey. I am sincerely very grateful for her support. And cherry on the cake she is super cool, open and optimistic.
  • Adelaide Raia, Sales Director @ Reckitt

    Monique is really an outstanding coach able to support people leadership development. I had the chance to work with her both in business when she was Regional Mktg Director and then in her role as Professional Coach. Her strong knowledge of business coming from deep experience in FMCG combined with great and genuine focus on people are a powerful combination to build trust and help person in understanding gaps, opportunities and defining appropriate action plans.  
  • Isabelle Bossard, R&D VP @ Reckitt

    Monique is an outstanding coach and has been instrumental in allowing me to progress my leadership journey across a variety of topics such as purposeful leadership, self-awareness and resilience, business relationships. Her past experience as a successful business leader, working and leading multicultural teams, gave her great insights of the challenges one can face. Very empowering and rewarding experience which I will always be grateful for !