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Individual coachings : testimonials

Pauline C., Trade Marketing Manager, Food industry - Coaching for a new position

I worked with Monique 4 months to coach me for a new job in the same company, but with more responsibilities and management challenges. After a 1st step to better known my skills and weaknesses, we worked on using those to strengthen my leadership skills. Then we worked each session to discuss & resolve a specific challenge. What I really appreciate with Monique is, she doesn’t impose its view but help you to find your proper ways to adapt.

Myriam D., Compensation & Benefits Director transport sector. Coaching for a new position

I have worked with Monique to help me further strengthen my leadership skills in the context of a new bigger role in a new company. Our sessions have helped me tremendously to face this new challenge. I have learnt to make a better use of my unique strengths. I highly recommend Monique to any manager who wants to accelerate his or her leadership development.

Cyrille C., General manager, tourism sector. Leadership coaching

I worked with Monique when I was the managing director of Homeaway in France. Thanks to her powerful questioning and her business savvviness, I got major impactful ideas from our sessions, which helped me further strengthen my leadership and influencing skills. Monique brings lots of positive energy and a wealth of corporate international experience to the party. I would recommend her without hesitation to any senior level executive who wishes to find a sparring partner to boost his personal development.

Georges B, methods director, industrial sector. Expatriation coaching.

When I came back to France after 13 years living and working in Thailand, my coaching sessions with Monique helped me to challenge myself and to have a smoother integration in my new environment. I am very thankful to Monique for listening very attentively and helping me session after session. She is very involved and I recommend her without hesitation."

Bénédicte R, marketing director, wine industry. Coaching and training of a team member.

Monique has managed to teach the basics of marketing to one of my reports who had no previous knowledge of this function. With her help, he is now at ease with market data analysis, business opportunities identification and the structuration of a marketing plan.

Sarah N, HRD, consumer goods sector. Leadership coaching

Monique has been instrumental in helping me to drive the managers she was coaching towards different behaviours. her past experience as executive herself and her pragmatism made it possible to see relevant changes in these executives’ hehaviours even in a short period of time. She followed up very effectively both with the people and the direct managers and her feedback has been really precious.
I would recommend Monique to whoever should need a very organized and action oriented coaching and hope to work with her again in the future."

Marketing director, consumer goods sector. Coaching for a new position.

Monique offered an insightful and challenging approach to some of the key areas I wanted to tackle as a woman in a senior position within a large FMCG company. She supported me in really peeling back the root causes of my key obstacles and helped me in targeting the right actions to rectify. As she has the practical experience herself from working in such a business environment the discussions were highly practical and actionable. I would highly recommend her, particularly for women working in the tough FMCG world.

Shopper Director, consumer goods sector. Leadership coaching.

I have been very pleased with the coaching sessions Monique had with one of my team members. Monique succeeded in creating a trusting relationship with her; she managed to help her raise awareness on her weaknesses and commit on concrete action steps. Throughout the sessions I could feel the positive evolution of my subordinate. I really appreciated Monique’s approach and more specifically her communication skills and her high involvement.

Ana-Maria F., Project director in an NGO. Career transition coaching.

With her international background and open- mindednessness, Monique was the perfect person to guide me in a labor market and culture that I was not familiar with. She patiently and actively listened to my needs and helped me transform them into clear objectives. With her contagious enthusiasm and optimism, she helped me through a challenging period of my life and I would definitely recommend her.

Laurence S., entrepreneur. Business coaching.

The coaching sessions with Monique on my project have helped me to move forward and get a fresh perspective. Her approach and our discussions have enabled me to clarify my objectives and to commit in a concrete action plan. Her dynamism, her analytical skills and her open mindedness have been very helpful. I am very pleased with the result."

Bénédicte H., marketing director. Career transition coaching.

The coaching process has allowed me to consider a major career change. I got a clear vision of what I wanted to do professionnally, my ability to succeed, and the roadmap to get there. My coach showed at all times very good listening skills and a positive, encouraging attitude. She encouraged me to think further and come up with my own choices. I would definitely recommend her."

Team coachings : testimonials

Serge A., marketing director, food industry. Management committee coaching

Monique’ asset is her previous successful career in the corporate world. This helps her understand the topics discussed and the impact of some behaviours on business results. Both positive and challenging, she knows how to raise awareness on key issues which helps her clients progress rapidly. She has a structured approach with a clear focus on key levers. Thanks to Monique, I am more satisfied of the added value I bring to my company.

Luca S, R&D director, consumer goods sector.

I am very pleased with the workshops which Monique designed and facilitated and which I attended. Her workshops are really well designed around Team needs and Monique facilitated them very well, engaging all participants and getting a feed-back which has been remarkably positive. Monique is a skilled and competent professional, she masters a rich portfolio of techniques which she can flexibly adapt to diverse Team and needs.

Short personal development workshops : testimonials

Catherine LF, ACD (association des Cadres Dirigeants de BNP Paribas) leader

Monique has facilitated several personal development workshops for "ACD", an association of senior executive leaders at BNP Paribas. The workshops were highly interactive, with simple yet powerful tools and well thought through exercices.
Monique's facilitation skills are very good. She brings to her workshops a wealth of international corporate experience, which is always appreciated.

Carole C., HR Business Partner, IT sector.

It is always a pleasure to work with Monique Cumin. The Lunch & Learn workshops are a great time where everybody can learn and share. Those workshops are efficient: a lot of tips to apply in a short time and in a fun atmosphere!

Tailor-made programmes - Leadership & management

Matthieu M., HR Business Partner, consumer goods sector.

Monique designed and facilitated a comprehensive programme to all of our managers on how to deliver an effective feedback.

Initially briefed on a training, we highly appreciated her suggestion to build a long-lasting initiative : the programme lasted 6 months and was made of training workshops, peer coaching and regular e-newsletters and videos. This was key to raise awareness and build a stronger Feedback Culture.

Anne P., HR Business Partner, food industry.

We experienced the workshop "impact & influence transversally". We appreciated the relevance of Monique's input, during the workshop and between the 2 sessions ( with articles, web conferences, etc...). Participants liked the very concrete and operational examples they've been able to share and discuss during the 2nd session . It created a nice emulation within the team. We recommend this workshop!

Nicolas Pavesi,  president of ESCP Europe alumni Career Commission

As president of ESCP Europe Alumni Career Committee, I have worked with Monique on a variety of projects, and more specifically the launch of a mentoring programme. I have been impressed by the dynamism, the energy and the action-oriented mindset she has brought to the project, making it a huge success for the alumni community.

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