Young Talents

Leadership development is not reserved to top executives.

What is at stake ?

  • Extend leadership development programmes to young talents, the future leaders. Empower them to propose disruptive ideas.
  • Raise their self-awareness: give them feedback on the gap between the leader they aspire to become and the reality today, and help them visualize the journey to get there.
  • Develop leadership skills in line with today’s challenges: engage their colleagues with an inspiring vision, move forward despite high uncertainty, find new business models, experiment and take risks.
  • Help them grow beyond a traditional 2- or 3-day seminar and transfer in real life what they are learning.

Our services

A tailor-made programme over 6 months or more : personal development (360° tool and leadership workshops) and collective work on projects.

  • « Shadow Comex » : collective project on a strategic topic with the objective to present disruptive ideas.
  • 1 to 1 debrief of Leadership Circle 360° assessment with a certified coach.
  • Kick-off workshop: work on the leader they aspire to become. Define one specific leadership challenge they want to work on (« The One Big Thing »).
  • Leadership development workshops on topics chosen by participants. Examples : how to inspire others with a vision, how to influence their peers and stakeholders, how to create trust, how to lead change.
  • Final session to anchor learnings.
  • Optional: individual coaching.


  • Pierre Cugnet, Managing Director @ Sade Engineering (Veolia group)

    Our objective is to transform our organisation towards more collaborative work in project mode and better team engagement. Since 2 years we have been running a Young Talents programme, where selected employees recommend and implement concrete solutions to improve our work. Our Young Talents also benefit from individual coaching sessions which help them gain maturity and grow in their leadership. Thanks a lot Monique for your very precious support !
  • Laurence Hollobon, HR VP Europe @ Bel

    I met Monique at Bel. We were launching an innovative, multicultural Talent Acceleration programme and Monique was an instrumental consultant in both its design and delivery, which included design thinking, strategic projects as well as personal development. The programme was a great success. Monique is also a multi dimensional, well-rounded coach with a strong business background, as well as a pragmatic approach. She is a fantastic listener and systematically points in the right direction to lift our “blind spots”... She is extremely resourceful, with a positive mindset. and is happy to share contacts from her large network. I would love to work with her again!
  • Jérôme Kujawa, Performance Director @ Sade (Veolia group)

    Monique's expertise in leadership and cross-department collaboration is very precious. She has been facilitating several key transformation initiatives in our company. Her work is extremely valuable to us.