Gender Equality

Leadership has no gender

Responsible leaders thrive to create a truly inclusive culture, where women and men have the same opportunities of positive impact.

What is at stake?

  • Accelerate progression towards gender parity at all levels.
  • Help women develop their own leadership style in a corporate environment whose codes have been shaped mainly by men.
  • Educate women and men on stereotypes and unconscious gender bias and promote a truly inclusive culture.
  • Beyond raising awareness, encourage everyone to ACT and change behaviour.

Our services – In-person and online


A full range of services in coaching and/or consulting mode to help fundamentally change the culture of your organisation.

Short collective leadership workshops

  • Share tools and tips, practice them in small groups
  • Truly energizing and interactive
  • Some topics : dare to ask, manage your emotions, free yourself from mental load, improve your charisma and executive presence, influence peers and stakeholders, improve resilience.

Workshops on gender stereotypes and unconscious bias:

  • Mixed workshops to engage men in the cause of gender parity.
  • In collaboration with Lean In, the gender parity initiative of Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook
  • Explain main gender stereotypes and practice concrete situations.

Mentoring programmes

  • Training of mentors and mentees. Give them some practical tools.
  • Mid-term session
  • Final session

Facilitation of internal panel discussions on gender parity

  • Objective : raise awareness and gain commitment to advance gender parity
  • Facilitation of discussions with company participants, showcasing best practices around gender balanced leadership.
  • Examples of topics : how role models shaped my career, how to promote a more inclusive culture.

Targeted individual coachings 

  • Number of sessions depending on objectives
  • Examples of topics for women : grow self confidence, fight imposter syndrome, communicate ambitions.
  • Examples of topics for men : recognize gender bias and develop a more inclusive culture.

They trust us on Gender Equality initiatives

More than 300 workshops facilitated in the past 10 years.

Testimonials from our clients

  • Sophia Glandor, head of Women@Bosch network in France   Monique has been for several years now, one of our regular go-to coaches when we want to offer workshops to the ladies of women@bosch in France (Bosch’s gender diversity network). We started with face to face meetings, and due to the pandemic are now mainly offering webinars. Still, Monique masters both exercises just the same, is able to keep the audience’s attention and always shares very valuable input. I especially appreciate the practical hints that she shared. Topics like charisma, mental load, inclusive culture were addressed recently, for the enjoyment and personal growth of the participants, both female and male.
  • Marta Torrente, co-lead of Spark Gender equality network at Reckitt   Monique has been a true partner in kicking off our Spark gender equality network, facilitating career workshops and panel discussions. The engagement has been tremendous as participants learnt how to amplify their talents and express their ambitions. Very concrete examples were brought by Monique, who opened up to the group with genuine interest. Following her sessions, Spark Team and I have all received great feedback: we will be pleased to have more of Monique’s time in our schedule next year!
  • Chloé Hamard, president Women Network   As president of the Credit Suisse Women Network, I have worked with Monique on several occasions for workshops on gender equality and personal / professional development. Some examples of topics: energy at work, stereotypes, emotional intelligence, etc. Each time I have been very, very happy with Monique, who demonstrates great professionalism. I highly recommend her workshops!